• Research areas  of  the mechanical  and aeronautical engineering covers a breadth of topics that relate to mechanics of materials, controls, vibrations, dynamics, mechatronics, robotics, acoustics, solid mechanics, optimization, and design  and manufacturing.
  • Thermal/fluid sciences in thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, turbomachinery, energy storage, and combustion are  applied to improve engines, gas turbines, aircrafts, power plants, rockets, and energy storage devices. Research activities in the area of flight science and vehicle dynamics include airfoil design and analysis,aerodynamics, aircraft drag reduction, aircraft flight control, and helicopter rotor blade design.
  • Research topics in Computational Fluid Dynamics include   aeroacoustics, reacting flows, hypersonics, propulsion turbomachinery, explosions, aerodynamics,  rotorcraft, turbulence, and many others.  

Course duration

l  Docto Degree Program:

    3-7 years full-time

Total Credits

l  Doctora

    Degree Program:23Credits 

    Required Courses: 2 Credits

    (Excluding Doctoral Thesis)

    Elective Courses: 21 Credits

Start month

Spring Semester: February

Fall Semester: August


FCU College of Engineering

Course contact


Telephone:886-04-24517250 Ext.3022


l  Manufacturing, service and

    software companies,

    mechanical and aerospace

    engineering industries,

    governmental organizations,

    university and college

    faculties, and research



l  IEET Accreditation